Mid Maryland Boys Basketball

Constitution and Bylaws

  Mid-Maryland Boys Junior Basketball League


Article I. Name

A. The name of the organization shall be the Mid-Maryland Junior Basketball League, hereinafter referred to as the League.

Article II. Objectives and Purpose

A. The objective of the League is to inspire youth to practice ideals of health, citizenship, and character and to bring youth closer together through a common interest in sportsmanship, fair play, and fellowship.

B. The purpose of the League is to create a basketball conference for students in the eighth (8th) grade and below, representing a defined geographical community, in order to prepare them to become better athletes and citizens.

Article III. League Structure

A. The League shall consist of a varsity and junior varsity division.

     1. the varsity division will be made of up of players in the eighth (8th) grade and lower.

     2. the junior varsity division will be made up of players in the seventh (7th) grade and lower.

B. All players must meet League eligibility requirements as defined in Article III, Sections A and B in the League by-laws.

C. The Board of Directors shall assign geographical boundaries to member organizations, typically middle school draw areas. Member organizations must field both a varsity and junior varsity team, hereinafter referred to as member teams.

Article IV. Jurisdiction

A. The League is totally self-sustained and is not affiliated with any public school system or any other sanctioned organization.

Article V. Powers

A. The League shall have the following powers in addition to those expressly or implicitly conferred on it by law:

     1. to make and enforce rules and regulations to govern itself.

     2. to solicit contributions and enter into contracts.

Article VI. Conference Government

A. The League will be governed by a Board of Directors consisting of one director appointed by, and for, each member organization. Each member organization will also designate an alternate director. These directors will be appointed each year and will commence office at the first official meeting of the current playing season. A list of current directors will be an appendage to the by-laws.

B. A president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer will be elected by the Board of Directors each year, not necessarily from within said Board. If there are no nominations for the office of president and/or vice-president, those positions shall be filled by a representative from the member organization scheduled to host that season's year-end tournament. Term of office will commence upon conclusion of the first official meeting of the current playing season.

     1. officers elected from outside the Board of Directors will become members of the Board with
         full voting privileges.

C. Election of officers will be the first order of business at the first official meeting of the current playing season. A list of current officers will be an appendage to the by-laws.

Article VII. Meetings

A. The League will conduct two (2) "official meetings" each year - the first to be held in early October, and the second to be held upon conclusion of the current playing season. Other "called meetings" can be held at the discretion of the President, subject to written and/or telephone notice sufficiently in advance thereof to each director.

     1. all league meetings, whether "official" or "called", are mandatory. Member organizations
         not represented at meetings of the League will be accessed a $100.00 fee to be
         collected along with the coming year's league dues.

     2. member organizations must have at least one representative at the annual
         April review meeting for their program to be included in the scheduling process
         for the following season.

B. A quorum for meetings of the League will be a simple majority of the total number of Board members.

Article VIII. Team Eligibility

A. Each member organization is to be named and fully identified, with such list kept current and to be an appendage to the by-laws.

B. Membership into the League may be gained by application to the conference Board of Directors. This application must contain the exact territory and/or guidelines for player draw being requested.

     1. a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors present is required for the addition of a
         new team into the League.

     2. the new member organization will be on probation for one (1) year and will become
         a full voting member at the first official meeting of the second year.

     3. new member organizations will be placed at the end of the tournament rotation
         after their probationary year.

     4. in order to avoid conflicting uniform colors, the league may assign colors to new teams.

Article IX. Amendment

A. The League president will annually distribute one (1) copy of the current League Constitution to the director or alternate of each member organization.

B. The change of any article of the Constitution requires a positive two-thirds vote of the total number of Board members present.



Article I. Responsibility of Officers

A. The president shall preside over all meetings of the Board of Directors and shall appoint committees and individuals with responsibilities to conduct the business of the League. Those responsibilities include:

     1. schedule and conduct "official" and "called" meetings.
          a. arrange for meeting location.
          b. notify secretary of date, time, location.
          c. conduct the business of the league.
          d. keep membership informed of all league problems and business.

     2. oversee league play.
          a. regular season play -
               i. have tentative schedule prepared by end of October, finalized version by first week
                  in November of current playing season, with copy forwarded to officials association.
               ii. coordinate rescheduling of postponed games.
               iii. collect game results, maintain standings for periodic report to member organizations
                   and news media.
          b. postseason tournament -
               i. approve format annually.
               ii. coordinate dates, game times with host member organization.
               iii. procure and present awards.

     3. monitor eligibility
          a. collect and maintain birth documents, rosters, and academic eligibility forms from
              all member organizations.
          b. notify directors of ineligibility.

     4. assure adherence to league rules and regulations
          a. maintain league constitution and by-laws.
          b. appoint and advise review board on problem areas.

B. The vice-president shall preside over all meetings of the Board of Directors that the president can not attend and shall carry out any responsibilities assigned by the president.

C. The secretary shall take minutes of each meeting and present them at the next meeting. He/she shall notify all member organizations of "official" or "called" meetings.

D. The treasurer shall make sure all dues and fees are properly collected and deposited, will pay all league bills promptly, and give a financial report at each meeting of the Board of Directors.

Article II. Dues and Fees

A. Member organizations will be assessed a League fee each year, as determined by the Board of Directors, and based on the number of member teams. This fee must be paid no later than the Wednesday before Thanksgiving of the upcoming playing season.

B. Member organizations will also be assessed officials fees in an amount, and due by such deadline, as determined by the Board to meet terms agreed upon by the League and contracted officials association.

Article III. Player Eligibility

A. AGE: Players on the varsity team may not attain the age of fifteen (15) prior to Jan. 1 of the current playing season. Jayvee players may not turn fourteen (14) prior to Apr. 1 of the current season.

     1. player age must be verified by one of the following documents, a copy of which must be
         filed with the League not later than the Wednesday before Thanksgiving of the upcoming playing season. Acceptable
         birth documents include: birth certificate; a certificate from the State, County,
         or City Bureau of Vital Statistics, Department of Health affidavits of birth; baptismal certificate;
         hospital certificate; school certificate; record of notification of Birth Registration by the
         Bureau of Census of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

B. ACADEMICS: Players must maintain a 2.0 GPA and have no failing grades in order to be academically eligible for participation in the League. Grades used to determine eligibility will be those recorded on the report card and/or interim report. A player can only become ineligible at the time of a report card marking period and can regain that eligibility at interim report time.

     1. eligibility will be determined the day that report cards/interims go home with the students.
         Coaches must obtain verbal assurance of eligibility from school officials on that day and
         are then required to have the verified League eligibility form in the hands of the president within
         seven calendar days of that date. The president will then make written notification
         to all directors within an additional three (3) calendar days, or ten (10) days from the date
         report cards/interims go home with students.

     2. a player may practice during the ineligible period, but may not participate in games.

     3. a player that is ineligible during two marking periods, inclusive of interims, will be done
         for the remainder of the current playing season.

C. CONDUCT: Any player ejected from a game for fighting or abusive behavior will be ineligible for the next contest. Coaches shall be responsible for deciding appropriate punishment for other acts of player misconduct and said acts may also be reviewed by the League's three-member review board. Additionally, a student suspended from classes and activities by his school will be ineligible for participation in League games during the suspension (including weekends within the suspension period). Students should be aware that their physical presence on any school campus while on suspension is in violation of administrative procedures and can result in suspension for up to an additional five (5) days.

D. USE OF AN INELIGIBLE PLAYER: Any team that uses an ineligible player will forfeit any game that player has participated in. Any team failing to turn in the League eligibility form within the required seven days will forfeit all games until such time that the form is received by the president.

Article IV. Rosters

A. A completed team roster form for each team, supplied by the League, validated by a school official, clergy, or designated official, must be in the hands of the League president by the Wednesday before Thanksgiving of the upcoming playing season. The roster must include date of birth, year in school, name, and uniform number(s). A copy of the birth document of all players new to the league must be supplied with the roster. This birth document will remain on file with the league for the duration of that player's eligibility.

B. Players not on the original roster may not participate within 48 hours of notification of the League president. All paperwork to verify eligibility for the new player must be in to the president within five (5) calendar days of the first notification.

C. No addition or change may be made to a team roster after Jan. 15 of the current playing season.

     1. a rostered player may be moved from one division (varsity/junior varsity) to another once
         during the playing season provided they meet the age and eligibility requirements of the division
         they are being moved to.

Article V. Deadlines

A. Failure to meet league deadlines as prescribed in Article II, Sect. A - Dues; Article III, Sect. B.1 - Academic Eligibility, and Article IV, Sect. A - Rosters will result in the immediate suspension of the offending team's head coach for a minimum of one game and until such time that the item(s) are supplied to the League.

Article VI. Schedules

A. An official league schedule for the current playing season will be finalized in November, a copy to be in the hands of all league directors no less than three (3) weeks prior to the first scheduled League game.

B. Should changes to the master schedule be necessary, it is the responsibility of the home team director to finalize a new date with the visiting team director and notify the president of said date in order for the officials association to be notified through the league's appointed laison.

C. In the event of a game-day postponement, it is the responsibility of the home team jayvee coach to notify the opposing team's jayvee coach and the officials association representative no less than two (2) hours prior to the scheduled game time. Jayvee coaches should, in turn, make their respective varsity coaches aware of the postponement. When a date has been determined to reschedule, the president should be contacted and the officials association notified through the league's appointed laison.

     1. SNOW POLICY: Games will be postponed when the snow emergency plan, in the county
         of either participating team, is in effect two hours prior to the scheduled start of the first game.

D. Programs that forfiet a game(s) will play both meetings against the offended opponent on the road the following year.

E. The League will conduct a postseason tournament in a format to be determined annually by the Board of Directors.

     1. The hosts for the postseason tournaments have been determined according to
         the following rotation:

                2014 "AA" - Crestwood,  "A" - Linganore
                2015 "AA" -
West Frederick,  "A" - St. John's
                2016 "AA" -
Urbana,  "A" - Catoctin
                2017 "AA" -
Ballenger Creek,  "A" - Walkersville
                2018 "AA" - Oakdale,  "A" - Brunswick
                2019 "AA" - Windsor Knolls,  "A" - Middletown

                2020 "AA" - TJ,  "A" - Poolesville

                2021 "AA" - Monocacy,  "A" - Mt. Airy               

          a. the host team will host the quarter-final round through finals, gym time permitting.

          b. the host team will notify the League by Mar. 1 if they cannot host those rounds. In that
             event, games will be played at the home site of the higher seeded team whenever possible.

          c. quarter-final round games through finals must be played in a high school gymnasium.

     2. Teams will be seeded for the postseason tournament based on regular season finish (percentage
         of games won against all League teams). Ties will be broken in the following manner:

               Step 1 - Head-to-head competition
               Step 2 - Record against the number 1 seed
               Step 3 - Record against the number 2 seed
               Step 4 - Record against the number 3 seed, and so on, then
               Step 5 - Coin flip conducted by the league president

               NOTES - Results of the second game played between common opponents will be used when one (or more) team(s) involved in the tie has
               played an opponent twice and the other team(s) have played that opponent only once. Additionally, these "Steps" will first be applied
               to the tournament group (A or AA) in which the tied teams reside, then against teams in the opposite A or AA grouping.

     2a. Divisional ties will be determined by games played within the division. Ties will be broken
         using Steps 1-4 (above), applied first to games within the division, then all games (see NOTES, above).
         EXCEPTION - If the tied teams are in different tournament groups, "Steps" 1-4 are first applied against AA
         group teams, then A group teams. If a tie still remains, Step 5 would then be applied.

     3. The League will provide trophies for the following teams, to be presented upon conclusion
         of the tournament:

               1st place regular season, Jayvee and Varsity - Team and fifteen (15) ind.
               1st place tournament, Jayvee and Varsity - Team and fifteen (15) ind.
               2nd place tournament, Jayvee and Varsity - fifteen (15) individuals

     4. The League will also provide trophies for tournament MVPs (individuals) in both
         the varsity and jayvee levels, to be presented upon conclusion of the tournament.

Article VII. Playing Rules

A. All League games will be played according to National Federation of State High School Athletic Association rules, 400 Leslie Street, Elgin, IL. 60120, with the following exceptions:

     1. Games will consist of four (4) quarters of seven (7) minutes each. Any and
         all overtime periods will be three (3) minutes each.

     2. A team may not apply full-court pressure in the second half of a game when leading
         by twenty (20) points or more. No warnings will be given. The penalty will be a
          "team" technical.

     3. A fifteen (15) minute minimum warm-up time will be permitted between the varsity
         and jayvee games. More time may be added if the coaches are in agreement. Halftime
         breaks will be no less than 10 minutes in length.

     4. Cheerleaders must be finished with half-time routines with five (5) minutes remaining
         on the clock to allow teams to properly warm up.

Article VIII. Responsibility of the Home Team

A. The home team must provide two (2) responsible persons to serve as scorer and timer.

B. The home team must provide a leather regulation high school basketball for all League games.

C. The home teams, both jayvee and varsity, must report game results to a person designated by the league no later than 12:00 midnight on the date the game(s) were played. The report must include final score, leading scorers for both teams including all players in double figures and a brief highlight. Also included should be mention of any occurence of player ejection or coach receiving a technical foul related to conduct. The first late or incomplete report will result in a warning and each subsequent occurence will cause the offending coach to be suspended for a minimum of one game and until such time that the information is provided to the League.

D. The home team may take donations at the door for all regular season and tournament games, not to exceed $2 per student, $3 per adult and $5 per family.

Article IX. Responsibility of the Visiting Team

A. The visiting team and cheerleaders shall not arrive at game sites until thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled starting time of the first game.

Article X. Protest Procedures

A. The member team making the complaint will be called the "applicant" and the alleged team in violation will be the "respondent". The applicant will make his protest to the League president, in writing, with a copy to the respondent, within five (5) days of the alleged violation.

     1. A twenty-five ($25.00) fee will accompany the complaint and will be refunded if
         the protest is upheld.

     2. The five-day requirement will be determined by direct delivery to the president,
         or by postmark if mailed.

B. The three-member review board will hear and decide upon all protests A hearing will be held with both the applicant and respondent present. A written decision will be given without delay, such decision to be final.

          1. Should a member of the review board be party to the protest, the president shall
              appoint an impartial alternate.

          2. Penalties are restricted to:

               1) warnings,
               2) forfeiture of game(s),
               3) suspension of player(s), and
               4) suspension of coaches(s).

Article XI. Three-Member Review Board

A. A three (3) member review board will be appointed by the president at the October organizational meeting. This committee will have the responsibility of reviewing coaches, players, and referees. They have authority to determine disciplinary action against coaches and players and will hear and rule on all protests.

     1. A player or coach, suspended by the review board, is not allowed at the game site during
         the term of the suspension. Violation of this statute will result in the player or coach's
         banishment from the League for the remainder of that playing season.

Article XII. Draw Area

A. All players must reside within their respective middle school draw area (hereafter referred to as their "home school"), whether they be public, private or home schooled. A player living in one middle school draw area, but attending another, may play for the school he attends provided that director attains a written waiver. This waiver must be signed by the director from the program in which the player resides and will be kept on file by the League.

B. The St. John's draw area will include any student attending St. John's Regional Catholic School and any member, in good standing, of a Frederick County Catholic parish. Additionally, they may add no more than three players per team (regardless of religous affiliation) that have tried out for, and been cut from, a League member organization. In these cases, sixth graders must try out once again as seventh graders for their "home school" while seventh graders have an option to return to their "home school" as eighth graders or continue with St. John's without the "tryout/cut" requirement.

       B1. Girls League exceptions to the St. John's draw.

                1. The three player per team maximum is waived.

                2. A student attending a private school which does not have a Mid-Maryland program may play for St. John's after trying out for, and being cut from, their "home school" program. All other St. John's-specific draw area rules still apply.

C. No student, while attending Heather Ridge school in Frederick, Md. or it's equivalent in other League jurisdictions, may be rostered or eligible for League play. Such individual may become eligible once they are reinstated into the middle school in which draw area they reside, provided they are added to the roster in accordance with Article IV, Sect. C and meet all eligibility requirements in these by-laws. A rostered player sent to Heather Ridge, or it's equivalent in other League jurisdictions, during the current season will lose their League eligibility for the remainder of the playing season.

D. All fifth graders must play in the middle school draw area in which they reside.

E. Where redistricting occurs, and in that year alone, rostered players will have the option to continue with their previous program or join the new one.

Article XIII. Parliamentary Procedure

A. All meetings of the League will be conducted, in any circumstances not explicitly covered by the by-laws, under Robert's Rules of Order.

Article XIV. Amendment

A. The League president will annually distribute one (1) copy of the current League by-laws to each League director.

B. To add, delete, or modify any by-law, a positive two-thirds vote of those Board members present is required.

Article XV. Order of Business

A. Call to order
B. Roll Call
C. Secretary and Treasurer's Reports
D. President's Report
E. Standing Committee Reports
F. Unfinished Business
G. New Business
H. Announcements
I.  Adjournment